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How It All Started, From Teaching To An Educational Toy Store


Wendy Grace Wilgus has been creating new toys for more than a decade. In 2010 she decided to form a corporation and start selling on her own website. WENDYS MARKETPLACE, LLC. The company was formed to satisfy three (3) objectives:  1.  Provide a venue for unique products, trending toys & gifts, items that bring joy to children and gifts that improve quality of life;     2. Provide an outlet for the ideas & creations developed by Wendy, her family and her associates with creative contributions;     3. Search the world for the next trend, unique and educational toys that stimulate the imagination of children of all ages.    Wendy has experience in industry while growing up in the family manufacturing business. She participated in various sectors of business from working on the manufacturing line to phone sales with retail clients.  Wendy has a degree in early childhood education and experience as a pre-school educator. Throughout her career she has worked with children ages 3 & up and has created various games and projects for children to play. Some of her new projects will soon be added to the website.  For several years, Wendy has been creating unique & useful products which she has been selling on eBay and Amazon. The response has been so favorable that she decided to set-up a website to make the more popular items available to anyone who searches the internet to buy products and has been selling these toys and gifts in several shopping malls.  Wendy's creative mind doesn't stop with projects for children. She also has a practical side and has developed items for the home and recreation. These products are now available on this website, Ebay, Amazon, Craig's List and Let Go, 


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